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Pain Relief is better than pain management


Chiropractic is primarily concerned with your body's FORM (Your posture, your alignment, and making sure there isn’t any abnormal pressure on your nerves).


Pain can really bring you down!

Pain is controlling and abusive!

Whether it’s stopping you from doing an activity that you want or need to do, or it’s making you grumpy, or exhausted, or overwhelmed, making you want to do nothing at all!


Massage is primarily concerned with your body’s FREEDOM (Your mobility, your ability to move well, and the overall health of your muscles).


Freedom is the opportunity and ability to live your own life!


It’s doing all of the things that you want or need to do!


It's the ability to have control over your life & emotions.


Physical Therapists are primarily concerned with your body’s FUNCTION (Your stability, your ability to live your life, and handle whatever life throws at you, moving forward).


Richmond, VA is our city!

We believe that RVA would be an even more amazing city if its people were able to make decisions & to interact with others without the influence of muscle and joint pain!

We aim to make RVA a better place by helping our patients to live a pain free life! 

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