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It's YOUR party!


Why not have macarons that are as unique as you are?



Our Everyday Gourmet Macarons are great, and make any occasion memorable!

But we can take it up a notch!

If you want to REALLY impress your guests, your macarons can be customized and be your centerpiece of confection perfection, and not simply a tasteful treat that is talked about long after the party ends!

Our "Everyday Gourmet" collection of colors and flavors that can dazzle on their own, OR delight your guests with macarons from our "Epicurean Exclusives" collection of flavors that will add excellence to their indulgence, and are customized to suit your theme! 


Epicurean Exclusives:

Epicurean food is food that is of very high quality, especially rare or unusual food.

Epicurean food often involves organic cooking methods, and dishes are balanced for taste and texture,

with an emphasis on luxury or indulgence in sensual pleasures



Lead Time: 

We recommend ordering at least 3 weeks or more prior to your pickup date.

Minimum Order:

4 dozen (48 macarons), and you may pick up to 4 colors.


 $3.50/macaron.  Ask us about macaron toppings, paintings, and sprinkles.

Party Tower Display & Gift Packaging: 

We can set up and/or pre-package your macarons for your event.

(fee may apply). 


Delivery is available for orders above 12 dozen.

(fee may apply).

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