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Dr. Joseph Capri, D.C. became fascinated with the human body at 12 years old, in the weight room of the Tuckahoe YMCA when he was taking a class on "how to lift weights without hurting yourself." Next to each machine, there was a diagram of the human body, showing which muscles the exercise was meant to target. and a love affair was born!


Dr. Capri started helping people get out of muscle & joint pain in 2002 as a Massage Therapist! After working with the original Richmond Renegades during their last season in Richmond, and later, the Richmond Kickers for a season, Dr. Capri went to Chiropractic school and received his doctorate (D.C. - Doctor of Chiropractic) in June of 2012.


If your case is a good fit for Pain Free RVA, he would love to lend his time, his talent, and his 20+ years of experience to helping you get out of pain! He wants you to live a Pain-Free Life!


Dr. Capri was born in Sarasota, FL and, due to a tumultuous childhood, has moved 56 times since.


As you may be able to imagine, he treasures the stability he's found since moving back to Richmond in 2012.

He and his wife Tiffany love Richmond and enjoy their life and community here in Ridge, right down the street from Short Pump Town Center! On Weekends, you can find them at the West End Farmer's Market, or at West End Assembly of God (WEAG) or visiting "The Heights" church, just around the corner..

Dr. Capri's ultimate goal is to help make the City of Richmond pain free!

Pain makes us all very self-focused, because we want to get out of pain! That is how we are made! Dr. Capri is a muscle & joint pain specialist who believes that if we are not distracted by our pain, then the amazing city of Richmond, VA will be an even better place!

The stories of Dr. Capri's success in helping to relieve muscle & joint pain have earned him the nickname: "The Pain Killer!" The name has inspired the below comic book-style hero. He was even surprised by being presented with an ESPY Award at the ESPN Richmond studios! (See video below).

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