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We offer Fast & Effective Pain Relief without drugs or surgery,
using the best mix of Chiropractic, Massag
e, and Physical Therapy!

88% of the time in 3 visits with our Advanced Pain Protocol!



Your body's FORM

  • Your posture,

  • Your alignment,

  • Normalizing the amount of pressure on your nerves.



can bring you down!

Pain is controlling and abusive! Whether it’s stopping you from doing an activity that you want or need to do, or it’s making you grumpy, or exhausted, or overwhelmed, making you want to do nothing!



Your body’s FREEDOM:

  • Your mobility,

  • Your ability to move,

  • The health of your muscles



It's your life!

It’s the ability to do all of the things that you want or need to do!

The ability to have control over your life & emotions.


Physical Therapy 

Your body’s FUNCTION:

  • Your stability

  • Your ability to handle whatever life throws at you!



is our city!

We love our city! We believe that Richmond, VA would be an even more amazing city if its people were able to make decisions & interact with others without pain’s influence! We are aiming to make RVA a better place by helping our patients to live a pain free life! 



Chiropractic, Massage, and Physical Therapy are all important and, after an injury, they all should, ideally, take center stage at different stages of your healing journey. But when you get all 3 of those professionals together, they all view you from their own perspective and they may argue about what is best for you!

But what if you had 1 doctor who is like all 3 professionals, looking at all 3 aspects: your body’s Form, its Freedom, and its Function, who has no ego about what is done when, because it’s about what is best for you, and who has been helping people in muscle & joint pain for over 20 years?

It being about you that’s part of our VIP4 approach, and you can learn more about that on our Services page. This is not your usual practice. You will have to "get used to different," at Pain Free RVA. When the usual approach doesn’t get the results you want, you might need a little “different” in your life!


Pain Free RVA can help you take the first steps towards a living a Pain Free Life!

If you are ready to schedule, you can do so by clicking the “Get out of Pain NOW” button Below or if you would like a Personal Assessment of the Impact your pain is having on you, and what level of care you may Need, then you can take our P.A.I.N. Survey, which is also below this video. Once you have a clear picture of what situation you are in, then you can find out what solution we can offer you!


Pain Free RVA actually started out with a different name: Wellspring Chiropractic

Why did we change it? We came to realize that this name was problematic for several reasons:

1. Chiropractic, like “Physical Therapy” and “Medicine” is not just one thing.
There are a multitude of different ways to practice and people with experience as a Chiropractic patient may come in with preconceived notion of what we do and how we do it. So, this name unintentionally lacked clarity.

2. While Chiropractic is an amazing tool for helping people to be healthier and function better, it is only a piece of what we do.

3. It highlights a piece of what we do, rather than what we want to provide for people in Richmond, VA, which is freedom from muscle & joint pain.

4. Pain Free RVA was already our goal. It is our web address. And now, it is our name!

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